Swedish webstore expands

The swedish LED web store The Lightning Giant expands its business outside Scandinavia and are set to launch several new webstores focused primarily on the german market. Launched in january 2013 in Sweden, it quickly went for its original goal of fast international expansion outside its country borders. The company now ships led products to both Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany.

The german led market is filled with strong competitors from both large and medium-sized companies which will make it difficult for the smaller swedish actor to establish itself amongst these powerplayers. Lightning Giant is offering many different products, ranging from led worklights, driving light, warning lights to german Muller Licht led tubes. Only time will tell whether or not it will be a smart move from the swedish retailer, but they will certainly have many barriers in their strive for success in Germany.

Cree vs Bridgelux

Cree LEDs
Cree has been an innovator since 1987. Cree’s leadership began with innovative materials, primarily silicon carbide (SiC), which provides highly efficient performance for many semiconductor applications. Using SiC as a material platform, Cree has developed a series of new technologies that outperform traditional. Cree is leading the LED lighting revolution and making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting. Cree first launched the blue LED on the market in 1989 and today’s XLamp LED has consistently exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. XLamp LEDs were the first lighting-class LEDs. Cree’s has a comprehensive range of leds.

Cree TrueWhite® technology allows Cree LEDs deliver an exclusive combination of industry-leading efficiency, 90 + CRI and consistent color temperature and is one of the most high-performance LEDs on the market. The result is a beautiful white light with superior color reproduction, and use significantly less energy than traditional lighting.

Bridgelux diode
Bridgelux is a world leader in “Solid State Lighting ‘system performance and optimization. Bridgelux is a pioneer in solid state lighting and their patented light source technology provides high performance and energy efficient lighting. Bridgelux designed their own “state-of-the-art” high power LEDs since the beginning of 2004. Bridgelux’s unique design offers high efficiency, low thermal resistance, excellent reliability and high performance.
Most LED floodlights today equipped with either Bridgelux or Epistar led diode as they are the most cost efficient led chips for these armatures.

So which of the two brands is the best choice?

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The basics behind LED vs Halogen

As you can tell by the image led lightning has come a long way and is today the recommended lightning for each and every home across the globe. Halogen are pretty much a thing of the past and are very inefficient compared to the led bulb that is not only much more efficient but also more environmental friendly since it does not release any carbon oxide and does not contain any quicksilver. The led bulbs are a bit more expensive and tend to scare away most consumers that are not fully aware of its benefits.

When the first led bulbs came out they emitted a light that were closer to the color blue then white or yellow cast by traditional bulbs. Since then the led companies has gone a long way and are today offering a wide range of different color temperatures from warm white to daylight.


Kelvin temperatures

2700K: These bulbs will generate a warm glow that’s good for bedroom, as well as table and floor lamps etc.

3000K: These bulbs will generate a bright white neutral glow.

5000K: These bulbs are also known as daylight. Their light output will be higher then both 2700K and 3000K and are typically towards the bluer part of the lightning spectrum.


LED versus Halogen wattage

Its important to note that led lightning is around 6-8 times stronger then halogen light which means that a 60-80W halogen bulb could easily be replaced by a 10W led light. Make sure you use this ratio the next time your in a store shopping for new lights.